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Tackling identity document fraud with the Metropolitan Police

Posted by Tony Machin on 18-May-2017 09:58:38


Here at TrustID, we work closely with the Metropolitan Police, Amberhill team so we were interested to see them featured on the BBC recently, sharing more information about how they are tackling identity fraud.

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Failed identity documents in the construction sector (Part 2)

Posted by Gavin Burton on 26-Apr-2017 13:56:42

Whilst the use of false identity documents for many different purposes is well publicised, historically it has been difficult to quantify the scale of the problem and the impact it has on individual client sectors.
Following on from last quarter’s review* of identity document referrals to our expert helpdesk team, this month I’d like to share some insights from the construction industry which help to illustrate the scale of the problem for our customers in that sector.
(*If you missed last quarter’s blog, focused on Medical Recruitment, you can catch up here).

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5 ways that a document verification system could help your recruitment agency

Posted by Tony Machin on 07-Apr-2017 11:29:00

In an industry that's all about people, it’s critical that you know that a candidate is who they say they are. Most recruitment businesses will have a process in place for making identity checks, but a manual process can be time-consuming and inconsistent. Read on to find out how an identity document checking and verification system could benefit your recruitment business:

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Europol cite document fraud as 'one of the engines of organised crime'

Posted by Gavin Burton on 14-Mar-2017 10:21:27

Europol (the EU’s law enforcement agency) recently released their serious organised crime threat assessment for 2017 which analyses and identifies the key crime threats facing the EU. The report particularly caught my attention, not just because of my police background, but also because of the focus on document fraud.

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Identity checks project at King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust shortlisted for Public Finance Award

Posted by Tony Machin on 09-Mar-2017 13:30:29

We are delighted to have been shortlisted as a finalist at the 2017 Public Finance Innovation Awards for our document checking project in conjunction with King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
Find out more about our entry which was based on the roll out of identity checks across the Trust and support in a retrospective identity checking project.

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