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Putting the trust back into business with ID verification

Posted by Tony Machin on 17-Jul-2017 11:29:37

Trust is the foundation on which the personal and business relationships that underpin success are built. It helps to create strong, open relationships within organisations, with customers, with suppliers, and within the wider business ecosystem. Consistent identity checks can help to build and maintain that trusting relationship.

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ID scanning system thwarts fraud attempt

Posted by Sarah Croft on 15-Jun-2017 10:41:37

Fluent Money, the UK’s largest secured loan distributor, recently thwarted an attempt by a fraudster to obtain a loan using a fake driving licence thanks to electronic ID verification.

In this month’s blog, we talk to Tim Wheeldon, COO, and Stuart Almond, Group Compliance Director at Fluent Money about why they introduced ID scanning technology and how it works in their business.

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A case of fraud in the insurance sector

Posted by Guest Blogger on 06-Jun-2017 10:33:59

Fraud is such a pervasive crime with each industry susceptible to different types of fraud schemes and few more so than Insurance companies, particularly due to the advent of online policies.

In this second guest blog, Jill Battley CFE, a Director of TrustID with extensive investigative fraud experience, shares a summary of a genuine fraud case in the insurance sector, exploring the background, the risks, the result and what steps could be taken to prevent it.

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Tackling identity document fraud with the Metropolitan Police

Posted by Tony Machin on 18-May-2017 10:58:38


Here at TrustID, we work closely with the Metropolitan Police, Amberhill team so we were interested to see them featured on the BBC recently, sharing more information about how they are tackling identity fraud.

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Failed identity documents in the construction sector (Part 2)

Posted by Gavin Burton on 26-Apr-2017 14:56:42

Whilst the use of false identity documents for many different purposes is well publicised, historically it has been difficult to quantify the scale of the problem and the impact it has on individual client sectors.
Following on from last quarter’s review* of identity document referrals to our expert helpdesk team, this month I’d like to share some insights from the construction industry which help to illustrate the scale of the problem for our customers in that sector.
(*If you missed last quarter’s blog, focused on Medical Recruitment, you can catch up here).

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